Mr Srini Goverdhan MD, PhD, FRCS, FRCOphth

Mr Goverdhan is a UK trained Ophthalmologist with wide surgical expertise. He is an experienced high volume cataract surgeon having performed over 6000+ cataract procedures. He delivers high quality Cataract services for patients with all cataract complexities.

His visual outcomes are 100% with one of the lowest complication rates in the UK as published in the UK National Cataract Surgeons Audit survey of 2018*).






FRCS Ophthalmology (Edinburgh)

PhD in Ophthalmology (University of Southampton)

FRCOphth Ophthalmology


CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training, London)

Mr Goverdhan is actively involved in patient benefit research programmes and NIHR clinical trials. He is currently leading Eye research and novel NHS clinical trials for patient benefit at DCH. He has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on Cataracts and AMD in prestigious international and UK journals.

Mr Goverdhan is currently the Clinical lead for Cataract surgery and Age- related macular degeneration (AMD) at Dorset County

Hospital. He is also the Lead for Clinical Governance and Audits in Ophthalmology.

Besides key areas of Cataract/Lens Surgery and AMD, he also has specialist interest in the treatment of all retinal diseases like Diabetic retinopathy, Retinal Vein Occlusions, Macular dystrophies, etc.

Mr Goverdhan completed his Ophthalmology

Specialist training in Wessex since 2000 followed by fellowship training in Oxford (2011). He was awarded a PhD for his research into the Genetics of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) from Southampton University in 2006. He was also the recipient of a national NHS HEFCE senior clinical lectureship award from 2010 to 2015 at Southampton for clinical research into AMD and gene therapy in collaboration with Prof Lotery.

Selected Publications

Link for Clinical and Research Papers published by Mr Goverdhan: